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Posts from April, 2017

  • Is it a Stroke? Better Act F.A.S.T. Is it a Stroke? Better Act F.A.S.T. Gerry, a 50-ish professional with an active lifestyle, was chatting with a co-worker in the parking lot outside his office when his companion suddenly began leading him to his own car. Several times, Gerry protested that he had somewhere to go, but his colleague persisted. ... Learn More
  • Caregiving Is a Personal Thing Caregiving Is a Personal Thing In-home care will never be a one-size-fits-all program. It’s personal. When you first start to consider in-home care for a member of your family, you probably have a lot of questions. Your loved one probably does, too. We have discussed several times the family dynamics of ... Learn More
  • A Reason to Smile A Reason to Smile When Caring Hearts first starts working with a new client, we try to include the entire family and anyone else who’s part of what we call the caregiving team. Most of the time, these discussions are about practical matters: what and when your loved one prefers to eat, the ... Learn More
  • Caregiving Tips to Celebrate Spring Caregiving Tips to Celebrate Spring April is the time of year when many of us begin to transition our entertaining and family gatherings to the outdoors. Having adjusted to the time change and the lengthening days, people in this part of the world feel the call of the wild – or at least the patio or deck – for ... Learn More