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Taking Care When a Caregiver Isn’t There

It’s unfortunate, but too many of us still have a reflex reaction to caregiving for seniors as a sort of binary decision: Either Mom or Dad is fine on their own, or they need round-the-clock support.

The fact is their care need is most likely an accommodating continuum and understanding the options is the best way to ensure that we’re supporting our loved one’s independence – as much independence as they can manage safely for as long as possible.

It surprises many families how often after an in-home assessment our first recommendation is not in-home care, or more often, less of it than they had imagined. With technology and some important system refinements in recent years, home monitoring systems like Direct Link® not only provide a level of security to your older adult, it also offers peace of mind to those who care for him or her.

In general, we recommend families consider monitoring in addition to in-home care or —for a limited time—as a transitional level of support for those recovering from an illness or injury that makes the risk of a fall more acute.

It also can be an effective solution for those for whom in-home care isn’t necessary quite yet.

When considering in-home monitoring equipment, make sure you understand what each system can and can’t do. The better ones available in the market offer much more than a simple call button and are scalable to fit the specific needs of your loved one. That emergency call may be the primary reason you’re looking at the equipment today, but passive fall sensors or medication reminders and monitoring can add additional support to both your loved one and you.

In-home monitoring serves millions of families, allowing seniors to live independently with dignity and offering priceless peace-of-mind to those who love them. If you have questions, you can submit them in the comment section of our Facebook community page or contact the Caring Hearts office nearest you. You can find them here.


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