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Memorial Day: We Remember With Them

Memorial Day weekend is a time when officially we stop to remember those who have sacrificed their lives in the service of their country. As I have noted previously, this special day is a very emotional time for those of us who have lost family members to the defense of our nation and its principles.

It’s easy to overlook the genuine grief of our older loved ones. From some perspectives, those losses were years or even generations ago. But for them, it remains very real and immediate.

I once overheard an older woman counseling a young widow on the loss of her husband. After a pause, the older woman said something that has remained with me in times of bereavement, as well as in those moments I want to cherish.

Through the tears of a shared loss, the older woman said to the younger, “It’s not something you can get over. It’s something you try to get used to.”

As we take a break from the grilling and games this Memorial Day, let’s keep in mind the losses suffered – some long ago and some in recent conflicts – by those who remain and remember.

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