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Senior Citizens Day - August 21

Although it can be demanding at times, most caregivers don’t need to be reminded of the many ways spending time with seniors and learning from their experiences can enrich our lives. Since the 1930s, American have marked one day in August to celebrate our seniors, the lives they’ve lived and the contributions they continue to make to our communities. Since the 80s, we’ve celebrated on August 21.

If you’d like to encourage some of your friends and family members to join us as we celebrate Senior Citizens Day, here are just a few ideas:

Visit Them

Even seniors in your neighborhood who have the support of nearby family or friends likely spend more time alone in their homes than they’d like. Possibly, there is a retirement community or nursing home near you or on your commute route, where some lonely person would appreciate a half hour conversation about something other than their health care. Sometimes listening to another person can be the most precious gift.

Plan an Adventure

Plan an outing for someone you know who might be lacking in opportunities for going someplace fun. If you’re heading to a community festival or public concert, invite them along. If you’ve special plans (in 2017 Senior Citizens Day coincides with a rare solar eclipse), bring them along. You might even be grateful for their memories and shared experiences.

Pick One Task

Even seniors who remain fit and active probably find some chore or another disproportionately tiring or just tiresome. Commit to taking care of it for them, whether it’s bringing the mail or the newspaper up to their door or simply retrieving the trash can once or twice a week. These types of ideas also are good ways to teach young people in your home the importance of service in the community.

Speak for Them

As we’ve noted before, our more experienced neighbors face current and pending challenges from local transportation to public services and even the scheduling and location of civic events. Speak up for their interests in your community and beyond.

Our senior citizens offer an incredible resource of wisdom and experience. Not just on Senior Citizens Day, but throughout the year, let’s commit to appreciating them and showing that appreciation in whatever ways we can.


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