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Meet One of the Best Caregivers in America

For some, caregiving is a responsibility.

For others, it’s a privilege.

For all of us, it’s an honor, and that’s why it’s a special occasion when this call to serve others is recognized on a national level.

It’s a special kind of person who commits a significant part of his or her life to care for a loved one. You know going in that too many days will feel like completing what seems to be an endless routine. Too many others will require quick and effective solutions to unforeseen challenges or minor emergencies. All this while maintaining the comfort, security, and dignity of an adult who only wants to live safely and independently at home.

Maybe it’s an even more rare quality to be able to step in and represent those loving family members in a way that supports the entire family. That’s what we strive for in every one of the 600-plus communities Caring Hearts serves and the single most important quality we look for when inviting caring professionals to join our team.

HCAOA Caregiver of the Year

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That’s just one reason we’re so proud of one of our own, Betty Bibb, a caregiver for Caring Hearts Home Care in Corsicana, Tex., has now been recognized twice with national awards for caregiving. We told you a couple of months ago that Betty had received the Exceptional Caregiver Award for 2015 at the Caring Hearts Conference in Nashville. Now, she also has been recognized as the national Caregiver of the Year by the Home Care Association of America (HCAOA). The HCAOA represents more than 2,500 companies and more than 500,000 professional caregivers throughout the United States.

Mark Thommarson, the owner of the Corsicana office of Caring Hearts, calls Betty “the epitome of compassionate care.”

He should know. Mark had so much confidence in Betty that he hand-picked her when it was time to choose an in-home caregiver for his own mother.

Betty is an inspiration and a shining example to all of us at Caring Hearts. She is a living (and hard-working) reminder of why we do what we do.

But she’s also just one example.

Betty is but one of the millions of children, spouses, siblings, fellow congregants, friends, neighbors, and professional caregivers who work in anonymity every day across the country and around the world. Caring Hearts is honored to have her as one of us.

And we know she accepts this award in the name of many of you and the gifts you share every single day.


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