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In-Home Caregiver Spotlight: Bernie

Her co-workers say you can’t look at Bernie without smiling. And if you can, she’ll have you smiling anyway within 15 seconds.

As a Caring Hearts in-home caregiver in the Barrington, Illinois area, Bernie specializes in the most complicated assignments and always seems to leave her clients wondering why they waited so long to bring her in. Her certification in Alzheimer’s and dementia care means that’s usually where she’s needed most. But the skills that don’t show up among her formal credentials are what make her special.

Making Life Easier

Bernie chose the caregiving profession to make a difference for families in the Barrington, IL area.Bernie often volunteers for assignments in the most distressed families: those coping with sudden change or with family discord. One such assignment was Roger and Maureen. When she met them, Maureen was in the last stages of her life. Roger, unfortunately, had yet to make his peace with that. The unconditional compassion Bernie demonstrated and her loving care of both of them did wonder in persuading Roger to accept what, in his heart, he already knew.

When it was time for a transition, we asked Roger whether he had any thoughts about bringing in a caregiver for just him. Without a pause, he answered, “Bernie. We only want Bernie. She’s the best.”

A Compassionate Profession

Inspired by her last years with her own grandmother — who lived 91 years — Bernie chose the caregiving profession because she knows what compassionate care and understanding can mean to a person and their entire family. While that compassion and understanding are evident in all the comments we receive from Bernie’s clients and in her every review and evaluation, we’re more impressed by the difference it makes every day in real people’s lives.


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