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Cooking With Care: Delicious Fall Recipes for Caregivers

After a long hot summer, the weather is changing at last. Soon the leaves will be a patchwork of colors, pumpkins will be on every porch, and families will be bundling up to fight the chill. Fall is in the air.

The dinner table brings families together year-round, but I think autumn is one of the best times to gather loved ones for a warm meal. Of course, there’s the Thanksgiving feast to look forward to. But any day of fall can be a great time to cook up something with that special spice or pumpkin flavor that you’ve been waiting for all year.

Sadly, many of us resort too often to ordering takeout or throwing a frozen pizza into the oven, because our schedules don’t allow for preparing a home-cooked meal ourselves. This time crunch can be especially severe if you’re caught in the Caregiving Dilemma, struggling to balance caring for an aging family member with the rest of your responsibilities. This is unfortunate because making time to make a meal from scratch can be therapeutic in many ways. Apart from the satisfaction of creating your own dinner and enjoying the aromas and flavors of your labor, following an old recipe can help you feel connected with your family members, and following a new recipe with a loved one is a chance to make new memories together.

With that in mind, we’ve added recipes from around the Web to a new Pinterest board, Cooking with Care. If you’re seeking the perfect recipe for a fall meal with the family, look no further! Just click here, or on the embedded board below, to find all our recommended recipes for caregivers. These tasty autumn dishes should particularly appeal to the elderly members of our families, and many of them are simple enough to put together without hours of preparation. As of now, all of the recipes focus on “fall foods”—there’s a lot of pumpkin in there—but be sure to click “Follow” on the board, as we will add more recipes in the future for new seasons! (Plus we’ll continue to add even more fall recipes as these autumn months continue.)

Please let me know how successful you are with these. I hope you find time to enjoy the company of your family very soon.

Wishing you a happy season,


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