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In Hinsdale, Caring Hearts Client Feels “Like Family”

Teresa Phillips makes it her full-time job to keep her 92-year-old Caring Hearts client happy.

Like so many other women her age, this Caring Hearts client in Hinsdale, Illinois, often becomes depressed. Lucky for her, she has an extraordinary caregiver in Teresa Phillips.

With Caring Hearts, Client Receives Personal Attention

Teresa spends her days responding not only to her client’s home and personal needs but to her psychological and social needs as well.

The two enjoy shopping and enjoy going out to lunch together. Teresa also helps arrange outings with her client’s friends and family, and every Sunday, she drives her to church. Together the two women try out new restaurants, new foods, and new experiences. Recently, Teresa assisted her client in getting a library card, allowing her to rediscover her love of reading.

“It’s important just to be social,” said Teresa, who joined Caring Hearts of Hinsdale in March 2011. “Anything that will make her happy, I don’t have a problem doing.”

Mandy Greco, the Care Manager at Caring Hearts of Hinsdale, said Teresa is an outstanding example of what it means to go beyond the role of caregiver and into the role of companion and friend.

“It’s more than a job,” Teresa agreed. “They become like family.”

Care at Home

Teresa was a private caregiver and worked as a social worker in a nursing home prior to coming to Caring Hearts.

“I wanted to care for people outside the setting of a nursing home. I wanted the time to give my attention to someone who needs it,” she said.

Tina Figueroa, Director of Medical Services at Caring Hearts of Hinsdale, said Teresa takes care of her client’s every need.

On a recent visit, Tina watched as Teresa took her client’s hand and began massaging her fingers. Asked what she was doing, Teresa explained that her client’s hands cramp up while holding a book, so she gently rubs the cramps away.

“She knows her every move and her every need,” Figueroa said.

Caregiver of the Quarter

Teresa Phillips exemplifies qualities we look for in a caregiver: Compassion. Dedication. Attention to detail.

For these reasons, we are very proud to congratulate Teresa on being awarded the first Caregiver of the Quarter award in 2015!

You can learn more about Caring Hearts caregivers by visiting the Caregivers page.


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