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A natural caregiver, sharon tworek goes above and beyond

Congratulations to Sharon Tworek of Caring Hearts of Wheaton, IL for winning the title of Caregiver of the 3rd Quarter 2014!

When Chris and Carol Gerardi opened their doors, they “borrowed” Sharon Tworek from a neighboring franchise owner. Sharon serves as a caregiver for three offices, and for five years now, she has been providing care for 23 different clients at the Wheaton office alone. Valued as a dependable, punctual, caring and conscientious employee, Sharon’s service with Caring Hearts is a model of what we seek in all caregivers.

Caregiving comes quite naturally to Sharon. She has the ability to “read” a client and has the intuition to know what they need. She serves as a field supervisor as well, making sure that other caregivers are providing the level of service that clients and their families expect. One particular client has an intense schedule, sometimes requiring as many as 8 different caregivers to accommodate their hours. Sharon not only serves as the main caregiver for them but has trained and supervises all other caregivers who visit this client, at the request of the family. They value her service so much that she travels on vacation with them, providing her services so they can focus on being a family, instead of having to worry about caring for their loved ones.

“Sharon is one of the primary reasons this family has chosen Caring Hearts to look after their loved one for the last four years,” says owner Chris Gerardi.

Throughout the past several months, Sharon has faced some health challenges of her own. In spite of dealing with these struggles and undergoing surgery, Sharon has maintained constant communication with the office and her clients, ensuring that her shifts are being covered and that the families that she serves are well cared for. She has put the office and her clients’ wellbeing first, and it is this selfless nature that makes her such an amazing caregiver.

“Sharon is kind and gentle, always positive and willing to jump in,” says Gerardi. “She looks at challenges as opportunities and she is willing to fill in for last-minute overnight shifts, even on weekends! Her dedication and positive approach to her work consistently impress our entire staff. We are proud to have Sharon on staff. We value her work, and we are certain that she makes the lives of our clients easier.”

We would also like to take this opportunity to recognize some other nominees for the Caregiver of the 3rd Quarter 2014, including:

Congratulations to all the nominees for the Caregiver of the 3rd Quarter 2014 – their compassion and dedication are truly inspiring to the entire Caring Hearts family.

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