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Caring on memorial day by honoring our fallen soldiers

Memorial Day Festivities

This Memorial Day, families and friends will gather for good food and good times at cookouts, parades, and festivals held annually across the nation. Amidst burgers and baked beans, music, and fireworks, stories will be shared and memories will be made.

This festive three-day weekend holds a special place in the hearts of many Americans, including myself. I come from a long line of family that has proudly served to defend our nation’s freedom and independence in times of combat. My Dad served in World War II, and my uncles and cousins served in Korea and Vietnam.

Sadly, one of my cousins lost his life serving in Vietnam while carrying out our country’s mission. Every Memorial Day, I’m reminded of the immeasurable sacrifices my loved ones and others have made and continue to make every day on our behalf.

So this weekend, as you enjoy one another’s company, as well as grilled hot dogs, potato salad, and strawberry lemonade, take a minute to reflect on the history and true meaning of Memorial Day—a day of remembrance and respect to all the men and women who protect our freedom and serve as a powerful inspiration to us all.

Spending time with aging loved ones or other seniors on Memorial Day?

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