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Does my loved one need help to stay at home?

Coming to the realization that a loved one might need home care can be an overwhelming process. There are many questions that come up when your aging loved one is having trouble with activities of daily living (ADL’s). There are typical warning signs to watch for, but sometimes the signs may be more subtle. If you can relate to any of these questions it may be time to ask: does your loved one need help to stay at home?

Senior driving

Q: When my mother drives, she drifts into other lanes and goes very slow. She is still very sharp and insists that she is fine to drive. She gets annoyed when I suggest doing the driving instead. What should I do?

A: This is a sensitive topic of conversation. For many seniors, giving up their car keys means a loss of independence. In every state, there are driving safety courses available online and in classrooms. You can also hire a caregiver who will take care of the transportation, running errands and shopping with your loved one.

Medications and your loved one

Q: My mom takes several medications per day. I have noticed that she has been missing doses lately. How do I ensure that she is taking her medicine correctly?

A: Consider using an automated medication management system. Direct Link® offers a medication dispenser that is as easy as programming a clock. You load the doses, set a clock, program the alarm and when it is time for your mom to take her pills, the medicine is automatically dispensed. To ensure that the medication dose is not missed, the unit contacts a 24-hour care center immediately. This worry-free system combines easy to use technology with peace of mind that comes from knowing your mom is taking her prescriptions.

Chores and homemaking

Q: My parents’ house is becoming increasingly cluttered and they are doing house chores less often than they used to. I have my own house to maintain and can’t devote the time to do their up-keep, too! What should I do?

A: As we age, it is common to have difficulty keeping up with the demands of housekeeping and yard work. Caring Hearts’ caregivers perform homemaker services, giving your loved one the clean, safe, and healthy home they deserve. Our services include laundry, changing bed linens, running errands, eliminating tripping hazards, and more.



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