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“The In-home Care I’d Want for My Parents”

Loyalty, patience, strength, discretion, stamina, wisdom … the qualities that describe an Exceptional Caregiver are many. And finding those qualities combined in a single individual is what makes professional in-home care work for families and their caring support teams.

Just one example is Clementine Hopkins, a professional caregiver with Caring Hearts of Little Rock. In one form or another, she’s been caring for others as a vocation for about as long as Caring Hearts has been operating. And if we – and in particular her client families – are lucky, she’ll be at it for a good long time to come.

We caught her on a break from her duties to ask about her calling:

How long have you been a professional caregiver?

For almost 20 years. Before moving to in-home caregiving, I started assisting in a nursing home. There I saw the need for more quality care for seniors out in the community. It’s amazing the longevity and quality of life people can have with the right support.

What qualities do you think are important for an in-home care professional?

Some you can observe, like dedication and passion or commitment. But the most important is empathy. When you can appreciate the situation from another person’s point of view and what they really need and want, you’re better at helping them and protecting their dignity.

How do you relax or decompress from the pressures of caregiving?

I like to unplug. I enjoy my quiet time.

What inspires you?

My favorite Bible verse: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Clementine was recommended to us by the families she serves and her fellow caregivers at Caring Hearts of Little Rock. She even was nominated by one of her clients’ neighbors, who provided the quote we used in the headline of this post. That led to her being recognized as a semifinalist for the Exceptional Caregiver Awards.

            The Little Rock office serves families in Little Rock, North Little Rock, Maumelle, and other parts of the region. To get in touch, call (866) 721-3499. Or, to find a locally owned Caring Hearts office near you, visit our locations page.

            If Clementine reminds you of someone you know, or if you’re interested in becoming a professional caregiver, you can learn more on our careers page. And as always, we welcome your thoughts over on Facebook.


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