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Summer gig inspires college student to switch majors

It’s inevitable that our experiences and relationships help to shape who we are. But it’s rare that an encounter has such a profound effect on our lives that we change course – or college majors.

But that’s exactly what happened when Sara Herrmann took a part-time summer gig as a Caring Hearts caregiver with Mike St. Clair’s Caring Hearts & Direct Link office in Scottsburg, IN.

As a full-time college student, Sara began working for Caring Hearts two summers ago. While working part-time, she took on a 21-year-old client with Cerebral Palsy and a developmental disability.

Being the same age, Sara developed a close relationship with the client not only as his caregiver but as a true friend that he had wanted and needed in his life.

They took long walks around the neighborhood and started going to the local library for storytimes. On special story days, like “Pirate Day,” Sara would even help him dress the part.

She also cared for an older client with a developmental disability and a form of autism.

He would spend hours talking to Sara about the Cincinnati Bengals, Cincinnati Reds, and Paul Brown Stadium, so she asked him if he’d like to go to a game sometime.

The client was thrilled at the idea, so Sara coordinated with his mother to determine the best time to go and purchased the tickets. When she arrived to pick him up, he was sitting on his front porch, dressed completely in Reds gear from head to toe!

While at the game, it began to rain. But Sara was not about to let it ruin their outing. They bought ponchos, and continued to cheer on the Reds!

Sara is back at college now, but her experience as a Caring Hearts caregiver changed her life forever. She recently switched her major to nursing, and she plans to become a nurse practitioner specializing in geriatrics.

Sara still spends her breaks, days off and weekends caring for clients when needed and is always happy to fill in.

She is an amazing role model who shows true compassion and concern for the well-being of her clients while making their lives happier and healthier, one day at a time.

We are honored to have her as part of the Caring Hearts family, and to recognize her as the Caring Hearts Caregiver of the 3rd Quarter 2013!

Our caregivers are the heart and soul of our business, and their compassion and dedication are truly inspiring to us all!


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