Managing Multiple Medications

Manage Multiple Medications Easier!

Did you know approximately 20% of seniors are taking as many as 50 prescriptions every year?** That’s a lot to manage, even for the most organized.

Making sure that our seniors and elderly take their medication properly is an exhausting task. Many prescriptions and other pills look alike. It can be difficult to remember which pill is which and for what.

This can be even harder to remember which pills to take at which time for a senior who may also be dealing with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or just getting a little forgetful.

Managing multiple medications can become impossible and even dangerous to the senior. It’s critical to be precise when it comes to prescriptions. Direct Link’s automated medication dispenser is a simple, affordable, and reliable medical alert system solution for managing multiple medications safely and effectively.

Our medication dispenser is engineered with ease-of-use in mind, and often feature friendly and simple interfaces for elderly individuals. These pill-dispensing tools make it easy to manage even the most complex medication regimens, enabling seniors live on their own to stay on track with their prescription meds.

**According to the Alliance for Health Reform