Consider Direct Link®

When should I consider Direct Link as part of my In-home care?

It’s a fact that one-third of all individuals over the age of 65 will fall each year. You and your loved one benefit from the peace of mind that a PERS will provide. Seniors who have a PERS are  able to stay in their home an average of six years longer than those who do not, and research shows getting help within four hours of a fall can dramatically reduce the severity and effects.

A PERS should be considered part of your In-home care services if your loved one:

  • Is alone several hours a day
  • Has fallen in the past year
  • Has visited the emergency room in the past year
  • Has a chronic ailment – heart disease, COPD, etc.
  • Uses a cane, walker or other device to help with balance and walking
  • Requires assistance with daily living activities


Senior Home Care with Affordable Peace of Mind

Direct Link® is an affordable way to quickly reach help in an emergency, giving you and your loved one peace of mind. 


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In addition to Seniors…

Direct Link® is also great for new moms, children who are home alone, those recovering from illness or injury and individuals facing lifelong challenges.