Lifetime Achievement Award

Caring Hearts Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

What began with the simple idea of helping people live happier, healthier lives in the comfort of home, surrounded by friends and family, has grown and evolved over the years into the organization that is Caring Hearts today.

While we now support clients in over 600 communities across the country, we’ve stayed true to our mission and values – we still treat clients like family, and provide the compassionate care we’d expect for ourselves and our loved ones.

In honor of the many great leaders who have contributed to Caring Hearts’ success and to bettering the lives of our clients, we’ve established the Caring Hearts Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Awards, and are proud to honor the following Lifetime Achievement Award winners:

Adam Brown – Drexel Hill, PA

Adam and his wife Michelle started their Caring Hearts business in 2002, while Adam was serving as a police officer. The business grew rapidly, and Adam soon retired from duty to focus on the business full time.

Under Adam’s leadership, the company continued to grow. He was an innovator, mentor, and well-respected leader within the Caring Hearts family, understanding the value of a strong brand and the concept that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

A vocal leader and passionate advocate for Caring Hearts, Adam was an early adopter and a pioneer of our franchise system. He campaigned for many of the support tools available to Caring Hearts franchises today, and helped us differentiate the company as an exemplary senior home care provider.

Adam was regularly recognized for his contributions and achievements within the Caring Hearts system, receiving both the Direct Link President’s Award in 2009 and the Caring Hearts President’s Award in 2008.

Tragically, we lost Adam in the summer of 2009. His presence, passion, and leadership are sorely missed by those who knew him. His wife Michelle continues the mission Adam started in their community more than a decade ago.

John Squires – Media, PA

From the time he joined Caring Hearts in 2002, John Squires was a passionate ambassador for the Caring Hearts and Direct Link brands. He understood the power of a network of offices with a common brand and a common commitment: providing excellent care.

An incredibly strong strategic thinker who could build great relationships with anyone who worked with him or even knew him, John was always first to step up and take on an initiative. He often spoke with franchise candidates considering Caring Hearts as a business opportunity; he also mentored new owners as they launched their own businesses within the franchise system.

Among his many contributions and achievements within the Caring Hearts care provider system, John served as a founding member of the Philadelphia Co-Op that won the 2008 Pioneer Award. He was also recognized as a 2009 IFA Franchisee of the Year. In that same year, he was honored with the Adam Brown Spirit of Caring Hearts Award. In 2008, he received the Caring Hearts President’s Award.

Continually providing his leadership, time, talents, and friendship to our developing system of franchise owners while growing and leading his own successful business, John left an enduring mark on the company and its franchisees. 

John tragically passed away in November of 2011, but his vision and mission live on: his wife Janet and business partner Tom Carroll continue his Caring Hearts mission.

Tom Krupp, Greg Scheck & Frank Esterle – Lansdale, PA

Tom Krupp, Greg Scheck and Frank Esterle are a dynamic trio whose drive, vision, and business acumen consistently land them at the top of the leader board in all aspects of their business.

Frank and Greg started their Caring Hearts business in 2004 and quickly expanded it into new territory; Tom joined Caring Hearts in 2007 with multiple territories. The three saw a great opportunity to merge their talents and formed a business partnership that now encompasses seven territories within the Caring Hearts system.

As leaders of change, Tom, Frank and Greg are always willing to volunteer their time, share best practices, and make a positive impact on the Caring Hearts home care provider community. They are founding members of the Philadelphia Co-Op, and their accomplishments include winning the Caring Hearts Pioneer Award in 2008, the Caring Hearts President’s Award in 2010, and being recognized as an IFA Franchisee of the Year in 2011.