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Queen Latifah Shares Her Caregiving Story with AARP

By Emma Dickison

"It was a little scary at first, but as caregivers, we had to figure it out.”

We like to say “We’re in it together,” because when it comes to caregiving, certain experiences are universal. Such as the pressures and anxieties involved in learning to care for somebody who has always cared for us.

While every family and situation is different, the fundamental challenges are there, no matter who you are or what other advantages you might have.

Actress, singer and producer (among other things) Queen Latifah certainly can’t be the member of her family with the fewest obligations. Still, when it came to caring for her ailing mother, the primary responsibility fell to her. She was generous enough to share her personal story with our friends at AARP, and our colleagues in South Philadelphia noticed, so we wanted to share the story with you: 

Is your caregiving story similar to Queen Latifah's?

How has your family handled the challenge of a loved one's aging?

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